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Banking IndustryOur company, ISM, Inc., was founded in 1985 and has 31 years of experience in the CRM industry.  We have close relationships with many key analysts in the current CRM marketplace. We also conduct regular research on the CRM industry and accept no money from any CRM company for information or software reviews. ISM is one of the oldest CRM consultancy firms worldwide, with 31 years of experience. We have provided CRM strategic advice to dozens of global, best-in-class companies. In the past two years, we have additionally assisted several large companies with their Social CRM, Big Data Analytics, Customer Experience Strategy, Branded Communities and Channel Optimization Strategy efforts. Over our 31 years, dozens of leading organizations have applied our “top-down/bottom-up” CRM and other service methodologies with great success. Our methodologies are very repeatable and predictable, and allow us to work on a not-to-exceed, fixed dollar basis. It is also why we have never gone over budget and consistently delivered all services in a timely manner. Of more importance, these past 31 years have allowed us to gain the experience necessary to become an acknowledged leader in the CRM, Social CRM, and Big Data Analytics, Customer Experience Strategy, Branded Communities, Channel Optimization Strategy industries. The fact that so many best-in-class companies have selected ISM over other viable strategic advisors serves as testament to ISM’s ability to provide the best-value services to our customer base. We also meet with our customers, listen to them and share ideas with them on a regular basis. In an era of corporate scandals, which includes the recent resignation of one of the largest consulting companies, ISM stands apart. Business ethics, trust, and integrity remain core management values at ISM. View ISM Client List.


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