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Since 1985, ISM has pioneered the design and implementation of customer strategies in the areas of sales, marketing and customer service. The world’s best companies have recognized ISM as the leader in applying state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to drive customer acquisition, retention and growth. Our unique ‘top-down/bottom-up’ methodology combines strategic vision and a highly structured approach to ensure actionable strategies in our areas of focus.

Areas of Focus


Digital Transformation

Your customers have changed. Whether or not you have a Digital Sales Strategy, your customers are buying digitally. 69% of decision makers use social media for business purchase decisions. 90% trust peer recommendations. 94% of B2B buyers conduct some form of online research before purchasing a product….more



From a new industry focused on contact management and sales automation in the mid-1980s, CRM has grown into a mature and rapidly evolving, $40 billion industry focused on: Sales enablement, Customer service enablement, Marketing enablement and Call Center enablement.

Lured by the promise of increased productivity, enhanced sales, improved marketing, better service and lowered costs, CRM has now….more

Data & Analytics

Today, more than 11 billion connected devices are producing eight zettabytes of data per year. By 2025, forecasts call for 80 billion devices and a staggering 180 zettabytes of data, respectively. Companies will need to learn how to harness this “digital firehose” to their advantage…more


Customer Engagement

The world’s best run organizations are obsessed with Customer Engagement. Why? Almost 9 out of 10 US consumers say they would pay more to receive a superior customer experience. An engaged customer is satisfied and loyal. Many also become brand advocates within their social networks. It’s no surprise that customer engagement is top of mind among CEOs, CMOs & CIOs…more

Social Media Communities

Today, more than 60% of the global population has access to the Internet. More than 76% of Internet users access Social Media communities on a weekly basis. Any organization that does not have a sound CRM strategy including Social Media Communities struggles to acquire and retain customers, and grow its customer base…more

Emerging Technologies

Winning companies in today’s global marketplace are embracing a digital business revolution that amounts to a changing of the guard.  It requires businesses to continually reinvent themselves using the latest technologies just to stay alive.  These and other companies know that Emerging Technologies will help them create better products and services,…more

Our Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition
For more than 3 decades, ISM has set the Gold Standard for value delivered to our clients.  Our Value Proposition includes:

An industry leading track record of successful projects driven by more than 3 decades of thought leadership and experience.

Customer-centric engagements that meet objectives and are delivered on-time and on-budget using ISM’s proven implementation methodologiesQuantitative results managed though ISM’s metrics-based approach to drive successful outcomes

Selection of  the right software and implementation partner at the right price based on ISM’s vendor neutral, 100% objective retention process

Exceptional collaboration and peace of mind provided by ISM’s seasoned executives.  We don’t staff with mid to lower tier personnel

Results focused on your specific industry and market approach based on ISM’s success with world-class, global B2B and B2C organizations

Leadership and support at any stage of your customer-centric strategy project lifecycle provided by ISM’s full range of consulting services; this includes strategy design, vendor selection and implementation of new technologies or re-engineering of legacy systems



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