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18 Transformative Ways Industries Are Leveraging AR And VR

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18 Transformative Ways Industries Are Leveraging AR And VR

This is an excellent article in discovering 18 transformative applications of AR and VR across industries.

While many view AR and VR as primarily meant for entertainment, many business sectors are finding multiple use cases for these technologies and reaping productivity, efficiency, cost and safety benefits.

From enabling enhanced and innovative patient care to helping workers develop new skills, AR and VR have a bright future in multiple industries.

Here are 18 of the ways these tools are being leveraged to improve processes, aid workers and even add a little extra interest to everyday living.

  1. Testing In-Flight Sensors
  2. Managing OEM Processes
  3. Leveraging 3D Graphics In Gaming And Entertainment
  4. Providing Immersive Medical Procedure Simulations
  5. Enabling Safe Training For Dangerous And Complex Tasks
  6. Guiding Providers Of Emergency Medical Aid
  7. Providing Onsite, Point-Of-View Training In Manufacturing Settings
  8. Supporting Automotive Workers’ Accuracy And Efficiency
  9. Projecting Essential Information Onto Surgery Patients
  10. Providing Therapeutic Treatment
  11. Creating Immersive Virtual And In-Store Shopping Experiences
  12. Identifying Material Movement And Warehousing Issues
  13. Showing Details Of Unbuilt Construction Projects
  14. Monitoring And Carrying Out Building Maintenance
  15. Modeling Human Bodies And Their Movements
  16. Better Engaging Those Who Donate To Nonprofits
  17. Creating Realistic Virtual Banks And Providing Real-Time Financial Information
  18. Visualizing Complex Machinery And Structures

Want to learn more about how these 18 ways AR & VR technologies are benefiting numerous business sectors?

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