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6 Steps for Creating and Leveraging a Digital Assessment

Digital Business Strategy

6 Steps for Creating and Leveraging a Digital Assessment

Here is the digital dilemma captured in two sets of statistics: Eighty-nine percent of executives believe digitization will disrupt their business in 2019, yet less than 33 percent of executives believe their digital strategy is correct; meanwhile, spending on digital transformation initiatives will exceed $2 trillion in 2019, yet fewer than 85 percent of digital transformation initiatives fail to deliver expected results.

How to overcome the digital dilemma? Best-in-class companies implement digital assessments to ready their organizations for long-term digital leadership. The assessment is an intuitive look into the key elements of people, process, and technology that impact an organization’s ability to drive digital excellence. A typical digital assessment consists of six key steps.

Click here adobe-pdf-med to learn more about the steps that make up a successful digital assessment.

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