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74 Virtual Reality Statistics You Must Know

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74 Virtual Reality Statistics You Must Know

74 Virtual Reality Statistics You Must Know in 2021/2022: Adoption, Usage & Market Share

Virtual Reality (VR) has donned a reputation of being an unfulfilled promise for years now. While it has not lived up to its profound potential, VR statistics now show that the technology is making massive leaps and bounds, and its near future is mesmerizing to behold.

After years of wandering, this fantastic technology has now entered the wider business sphere. With its innovative experience now a reality, businesses are keenly embracing the opportunities it presents.

This article includes all the key statistics and takeaways the reader needs to know to stay abreast of VR developments. From its use in the fashion industry to its role in some of the best LMS software, these statistics will open the reader’s eyes to massive potential impact of VR technologies.

Here the 4 statistical categories in this article:

  1. Virtual Reality Adoption Statistics
  2. Virtual Reality User Statistics
  3. Virtual Reality Usage Statistics
  4. Gaming Statistics

VR has the potential to push the boundaries of ordinary life. Actually, after years of intense hype and empty promises, VR is beginning to bring about a considerable influence on the global economy, culture and society. This immersive technology continues to make impressive progress, exhibiting its massive potential to upend multiple industries.

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