David Wong

David Wong

Senior VP, Process & Technology

Dave is Senior Vice President with ISM, bringing 35 years of private and public sector experience specializing in customer experience, business strategy, process management and technology adoption methodologies.

His work spanned US and international companies and he managed several large-scale Customer Relationship Management (CRM) transformations driving industry leading marketing, call center and sales processes and systems implementations. Dave led process improvement efforts that saved over millions of dollars in a variety of industries (technology, agriculture, insurance, state government agencies), and trained over 3,000 people in process improvement and systems thinking methodologies.

Management Profile: Dave spent his first 25 years working at Hewlett Packard, one of the premier quality companies in the technology industry. He became an expert in applying lean and six sigma skills to improve manufacturing, call center and marketing organizations, trained and facilitated 100+ improvement efforts and saved over $50 million in operational efficiencies. As part of an internal consulting group, Dave received a patent for customer experience planning and developed a world class value chain analysis and deployment process that was leveraged in 5 different business units across the company. He was involved in three major worldwide CRM deployment efforts, leading customer experience and process workstreams. Other work involved the application of systems thinking and system dynamics, which were applied to two different marketing projects generating yearly savings of $2 million dollars.

Working at the health insurer Blue Shield of California, Dave implemented a quality practice that trained over 2.000 yellow and green belts. As an ASQ black belt, he facilitated several projects that resulted savings of roughly $30 million dollars over two years, including a three-month project that averted a $10M annual cost in claims interest. Dave trained 70 senior directors and vice presidents in the basics of process improvement and customer experience design.

In multiple California state agencies, Dave continued to excel in finding operational efficiency improvements. One automation project saved the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) over 50 man-days/year and reduced errors by over 90%, while another improvement effort reduced the time to create standard operating procedures from 4-6 months to less than four weeks using agile methodologies. Two new medical business capabilities were deployed in less than six weeks to meet state legislative priorities. At the Housing and Community Development (HCD), he reduced the time for producing program contract boilerplates by 95% within 3 months.

Dave’s expertise spans many business areas.

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