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Customer Strategy & Execution

Disruption Occurs In Every Industry And Every Business Can Either Transform Or Become Irrelevant.
Which Will You Choose?

Digital disruption, emerging technologies and new buying behaviors are changing your relationship with customers. About half of the S&P Fortune 500 companies are said to be replaced in the next decade because of disruption. Disruption occurs in every successful industry. You must transform to stay in the game.  Technology helps drive your transformation.

Let ISM Guide Your Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Growth Strategy

For more than three decades, ISM has helped clients create their customer strategies.  We ensure these strategies tightly link to their organization’s overall business goals and strategic direction. The result is the company’s increased ability to leverage sales, marketing, and customer service to drive customer acquisition, retention, and growth.

ISM’s success lies in our ability to create strategies at an enterprise level that holistically incorporate customer-facing technologies:


  • In the next 5 years 70% of brands will have a presence in the Metaverse. By 2025, the average adult will spend 25% of their time in the Metaverse. That figure increases to 50% by 2030. Is your company ready to do business successfully in the Metaverse? Or will you be the next Blockbuster, Borders, Xerox and arrive late to the party?  ISM helps companies do business successfully in the Metaverse from strategy to implementation.

Digital Community Strategy & Implementation

  • Digital Communities: For the past 15 years, forward-thinking companies have been leveraging private, Digital Communities to foster customer engagement. These communities have changed the way customers buy products and services. They have also changed the relationship between customers and their vendors. The results are astounding.  ISM creates and implements Digital Community Strategy & Implementation.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): CRM enablement of sales, marketing and customer service is a critical element of every successful customer strategy. New CRM functionality has transformed how companies sell, market and service their customers.  With 38 years of experience creating and implementing CRM strategy for the world’s best-run companies, ISM is the Gold Standard for creating and implementing CRM strategy. 

All ISM engagements leverage our time-tested “Top-Down/ Bottom-Up” methodology (this links to the re-written ISM Signature Methodology write-up that is temporarily housed in the ISM Approach revised webpage) and our philosophy that successful customer-centric strategies involve 50% People…30% Process…20% Technology to produce optimal results.


ISM’s customer strategies are custom-designed to meet your company’s needs for customer acquisition, retention and growth. Typical components of the strategy include:

  • Your customer strategy areas of focus: acquisition, retention, growth
  • How your customer strategy supports Corporate Strategy
  • Customer strategy components:
    • Target customer segments
    • Customer needs
    • Sales, marketing and/or customer service process enhancements
    • Change management requirements
    • Technology/systems/data requirements
    • Resource requirements (internal and external personnel)
    • Cost for the above components
  • Customer strategy implementation plan (phases and dependencies)
  • Customer Strategy success metrics and monitoring system


  • Expert insight and thought leadership, based on more than three decades of experience
  • Executive team alignment and clarity on the “how” to achieve customer-centric success
  • Custom-designed strategies focused on maximizing impact to your organization and customer base (e.g., customer acquisition, growth and retention)
  • Pragmatic identification of key gaps and needs critical to the success of your customer-centric initiatives
  • A “starting point” for overcoming organizational inertia
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