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Executive Briefings

Get Your Executive Team Aligned and Committed

Getting stakeholders on the same page and working toward common goals and a shared perspective doesn’t just make for a smoother operation, it sets you up for a true business advantage. A team focused on the same vision can get more done and differentiate themselves from the competition. 

Conversely, competing objectives and executive misalignment can spill over to create issues that show up in your business operations:

  • “The new technology sounds cool, but it is probably way too expensive for us; we don’t have that kind of money.” 
  • “We are all over the map regarding the value of this new technology to our business; how can we align the executive team?”
  • “Our executive team focuses too much on the technology and fails to align the technology with our sales, marketing, and customer service processes”
  • “We have little pushback funding a technology initiative, but we fail to agree on needed change management activities to drive adoption of the technology”

If you have heard these words from your executive team, now is the time to engage ISM to perform an Executive Briefing.  

Don’t let competing objectives and communication issues rob your business of growth. 


branded communitiesA strong team dynamic allows you to concentrate on the important opportunities and challenges your business faces. 

As a thought leader in this space, ISM can make your leadership team more aligned in and aware of the current standards, challenges and atmosphere of your business and industry. Our 2-hour Executive Briefing is customized to your organization’s unique needs:

  • Pre-Executive Briefing:
    • Up to 8-hours of discovery work that often includes ‘ice-breaker’ interviews with key executives
  • During the Executive Briefing:
    • An overview of the current market for the technology and future trends in the market
    • Examples of how competitors and similar companies are using the technology to increase revenues, save costs, and enhance customer engagement
    • A discussion of next steps: this could include how to resolve people/process/technology issues identified by the executives, common technology implementation pitfalls and how to avoid them, how to build a metrics-based Business Case for your technology initiative, a review of ISM’s  multi-step technology implementation methodology, and/or creation of a high-level action plan


Teamwork makes the dream work, and we can make your team work better. 

  • Expert insight and thought leadership grounded in more than three decades of practical experience with the world’s best companies
  • Alignment of the executive team to ensure successful implementation or needed enhancements to your technology initiative
  • A vendor-independent sounding board for your current strategic thinking

For additional information about ISM’s Executive Briefings,

call (301) 656-8448 or schedule a discovery call