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Health Checks & Readiness Assessments

For a limited time, all who schedule a Health Check or Readiness Assessment with ISM will receive up to 10 complimentary copies of Barton's latest book: The Definitive Guide to Social CRM: Maximizing Customer Relationships With Social Media to Gain Market Insights, Customers, and Profits

The Definitive Guide to Social CRM Book

The growth of your business depends on the health of your business. Is your business prepared to succeed?

It’s not enough to just introduce new automation practices to your business, you need to know if your business is even prepared for them to succeed. Adding new capabilities to old systems, automating poor processes, or counting on people to change how they work can lead to failure. 

Gaps in business health knowledge often show up in common questions or concerns:

“I often wonder whether our CRM, Digital Customer Community, and/or eCommerce systems are performing optimally; can we make these systems perform better?” 

“We made a large CRM technology investment that is not having the impact on sales we expected; how do we turn this around?”

“Our CRM user adoption rate is well below our expectation and industry standards; how can we get our users motivated to utilize the technology?”

“We are preparing to launch a Digital Customer Community that brings together employees, customers, and partners; how best to prepare for this launch to ensure the community’s success?”

If you are asking these types of questions, consider engaging ISM to perform our unbiased assessment of your company’s technology investments and what needs to change to achieve both your financial and business impact objectives. The assessment takes 3 weeks to complete.

How are you performing against “Gold Standard” industry benchmarks?

When it comes to business, what matters gets measured. But in a world of information overload and vanity metrics, it can be hard to know what to pay attention to. ISM’s Health Checks & Readiness Assessments can take the guesswork out by detailing exactly how your technology implementation is doing versus “gold standard” industry benchmarks. 

Health Checks

Where does your technology implementation excel? Where does it fall short? Which of your sales, marketing and customer service processes are best-in-class? How can user adoption be improved? The time-tested Top-Down/ Bottom-Up methodology of our Health Checks blends management vision with operational priorities to examine your technology platform, how well it has been set up, whether required data integrations are in place and the quality of your data. 

What you’ll receive is a thorough review of the people, process, and technology components crucial to the health of your business. Engagements typically take 3 weeks to complete and conclude with a score card of your performance as well as a high-level implementation roadmap to achieve best-in-class status for your customer-facing technology initiative.

In addition, while supplies last we are offering to all who engage ISM for a Health Check or Readiness Assessment up to 10 copies of Barton's latest book, The Definitive Guide to Social CRM: Maximizing Customer Relationships With Social Media to Gain Market Insights, Customers, and Profits


Readiness Assessments

digital assessmentSuccessfully implementing automation to make improvements in sales, marketing, customer service or effectiveness doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by planning and making sure your business is ready. ISM’s Readiness Assessments are designed to make sure your people, processes and existing technology systems are ready for your next technology implementation.

Components Include:

  • A review of the linkage between your customer-facing technology and your business strategy
  • A technical assessment of existing and/or new customer-facing technology
  • A People (Organizational Change Management or Readiness) Assessment
  • A Business Process Assessment of core customer-facing processes

Add this highly popular article here: ‘Sales Process Excellence – Business Process Review’ 

ISM’s Health Checks and Readiness Assessments can take your business further faster and the results speak for themselves.

“In less than a month, ISM applied its structured methodology to highlight major people, process and technology concerns, worked with our technology vendors to secure needed enhancements and helped ensure needed management commitment to get us back on track.  We can’t thank ISM enough for their expertise and ease of working with.”


  • Documented interviews with senior executives as well as site visits with functional-level sales, marketing, and customer service personnel across your organization.
  • Detailed findings, presented in person to your executive team, including your score in our popular Health Check/Readiness Assessment Scorecard along with our observations, recommendations, quick wins, business impact and next steps.
  • As a follow-on engagement, we can create a comprehensive implementation roadmap to help you address identified gaps and opportunities.


An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

  • Expert insight and thought leadership grounded in more than three decades of practical experience with the world’s best companies
  • Alignment of the executive team to ensure successful implementation or needed enhancements to your technology initiative
  • A vendor-independent sounding board for your current strategic thinking
  • Executive team alignment and clarity on the “how” to achieve customer-centric success
  • Custom-designed strategies focused on maximizing impact to your organization and customer base (e.g., customer acquisition, growth and retention)
  • Pragmatic identification of key gaps and needs critical to the success of your customer-centric initiatives
  • A “starting point” for overcoming organizational inertia

For additional information about ISM’s Health Checks

call (301) 656-8448 or schedule a discovery call

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