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Implementation Assistance

Digital Communities Implementation Assistance

The most successful Communities Are Carefully Planned, Well-Executed, and Closely Monitored. Is Yours?

ISM has been building and supporting Digital Communities since 2009, collaborating with companies including Kraft-Heinz, American Automobile Association, ExxonMobil, and more. Successful Digital Communities depend on customization to represent brands, which is why ISM partners with several Digital Community platforms to ensure you get the community platform suited to your needs.

To ensure your community supports your business strategy while successfully engaging your customers, we provide both strategic and project management services:

  • Define your Digital Community strategy, mission, goals, and metrics
  • Identify your target audience
  • Develop an engagement plan to reach your target audience and encourage them to engage with the community, including messaging, media, partners, and SEO activities
  • Define key business processes that will be built into the community, e.g., lead nurturing
  • Project manage the implementation of your community
  • Work closely with your technology partners to ensure your community gets build and implemented with excellence
  • Create your community’s content strategy and calendar and keeping it up to date
  • Build your community business rules and gamification to encourage member engagement
  •  Share best practices to increase member engagement
  • Help you understand the internal resources needed to build a successful community
  • Coach your community administrators to ensure the successful running of your community
  • Provide long-term community moderation and administration
  • Other (e.g., setting up and managing your community in multiple languages, creating ‘private rooms’ for one-on-one meetings with your customers)

CRM Implementation Assistance

ISM’s President, Barton Goldenberg, Was One Of The First 3 Inductees To The CRM Hall of Fame.

Under his leadership, ISM has guided more than 100 successful CRM implementations since our inception in 1985. Our TDBU methodology ensures your CRM success. This includes alignment between executive team and front-line needs and finding balance between your software needs and business needs. We work within your existing technical infrastructure to develop a people/process/technology implementation roadmap that will drive your implementation success.

Our implementation assistance includes:

  • Process review and enhancement: Document existing processes, enhance existing process and develop new processes as needed so they are ready to be ‘baked’ onto your CRM software
  • Technology selection: Review enterprise architecture & infrastructure design, review data management plans, then select appropriate CRM software, and assist with technology implementation as needed
  • ‘People’ activities: Design and implement needed CRM change management/organizational readiness activities, create and implement CRM user training, design and assist with an effective CRM Communications Plan, design and implement CRM reward & incentive programs and more
  • Program /Project Management: We can help you with project plans, project scope, schedule and budget management, management of internal team leads, management of technology vendors, steering committee participation and reporting and more
  • Strategic Advisory Services: Our customers request us to:
    • Provide best-in-class CRM input as a Steering Committee member
    • Collaborate and mentor your Program/Project Manager(s)
    • Perform ongoing people/process/technology reviews and provide critical input to major deliverables (e.g., roadmap, project plan, design, etc.)
    • Provide monitoring and advice relevant to the attainment of vision, goals, and metrics
    • Function as an executive coach to those in need
  • Staff Augmentation Services: Our customers sometimes find themselves short on key resources during CRM implementation due to leaves of absence, personnel departures, and other staffing constraints. ISM can fill in for key roles on a part or full-time basis. Roles ISM has successfully fulfilled for past clients include:
    • Program and Project Manager
    • Process Lead
    • Technical Lead
    • Training Lead
    • Communications Lead
    • Other business or technical support resources as needed (e.g., UAT specialist, business analyst, etc.)

Honed by years of experience, our process yields powerful results and clear direction.


  • Subject Matter Expertise: In the critical areas of people, process, technology, and program/project management
  • Best Practices: Industry knowledge, templates and methodologies needed to enhance productivity and attain desired results
  • Strategic Advice: Senior-level strategic advisors in any of ISM’s core focus areas
  • Organizational Readiness: What needs to be done – people/process/technology – to ensure the success of your Digital Customer Community or CRM initiative 


  • Ensure your Digital Community or CRM program will deliver desire objectives and be completed on-time and on-budget
  • Minimize risk through access to industry best practices and practical experience
  • Function as a counterbalance to internal and technology vendor perspectives
  • Maintain program momentum during periods of inadequate internal resources
  • Executive management coaching
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