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Software Selection & Implementation Roadmap

It can be difficult for businesses to choose software that supports their growth. But it’s not difficult for us.

That’s because for 38 years, ISM has helped hundreds of customers select and implement their CRM, Digital Customer Community, and Metaverse software. Our structured Software Selection methodology, together with us being 100% vendor agnostic, means you will always select the best software for your needs at the best price. 

Key steps in our Software Selection methodology include:

  • Concisely defining your business and technical needs
  • Prioritizing these needs
  • Ensuring software vendors demonstrate their ability to meet your prioritized needs
  • Negotiating the best software/implementation partner pricing, terms, and conditions based on our years of experience negotiating software deals

The good news is that you’re not alone if you’ve asked questions like….

“We’ve looked at many different software vendors.  They all claim to be the best. How do I objectively determine the right software for our company?

“How much negotiating room do I have with a software vendor?  It would be very helpful to have someone guide us on pricing as well as terms and conditions.”

The great news is we can remove all risk of selecting the wrong software.

ISM’s Software Selection Methodology is the Gold Standard

“ISM’s dedicated team effort, including your vendor relationship negotiation skills, has set the tone for our CRM implementation. My appreciation and admiration to you all at ISM for this tremendous accomplishment.”

Christine Akins
CRM Director
T. Rowe Price

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Implementation Roadmap

You Could Struggle To Determine Your Implementation Process. Or You Could Let The Experts Confidently Guide Your Success. Which Road Will You Choose?

Implementation can be daunting, we know. With so many factors involved, it’s no wonder businesses often struggle internally to figure out what to do and how to do it right: 

“We typically install the software right, but we fall short on securing needed user adoption; what are we doing wrong?”

“I know we need to build our business practices into the software and implement world-class change management, but our software vendor falls short in building an implementation roadmap that goes beyond the technology component; what can we do to right this?”

If you find yourself asking questions like this, an implementation roadmap can help you find your way.

The Most Effective Implementation Roadmap Includes Technology, Process, and People ‘Streams’; Anything Short of This Introduces Huge Implementation Risk.

ISM’s Implementation Roadmap for your Metaverse, Digital Customer Community, or CRM initiative consists of a structured, logical progression of steps to ensure the successful execution of your Metaverse, Digital Customer Community and CRM initiative. Every ISM Roadmap leverages our time-tested “Top-Down/ Bottom-Up'' methodology that lends management vision with operational priorities to deliver outstanding results. Every ISM Roadmap purposely consists of three implementation ‘streams’ – technology, process, and change management. Hundreds of customers for more than 3 decades have counted on our Implementation Roadmaps to drive the success of their customer strategy initiatives.

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“We selected ISM as our strategic partner for our CRM initiative because of their experienced staff, process, project plan, technical skills, and objectivity. They have played a significant role in helping us to effectively develop and implement our CRM initiative.”

Don Gagnon
AAA Mid-Atlantic


In a 4-week period, we will:

  • Help select the optimal software based on your needs
  •  Help select your implementation partner
  • Provide software vendor & implementation partner price negotiation assistance
  • Create a step-by-step Implementation Roadmap that include integrated people, process, & technology “streams”
  • op your Business Case including ROI, break-even financials, and success metrics


  • Secure the best software and implementation partner based on your organization’s needs
  • Save money by negotiating optimal pricing from your software vendor & implementation partner
  • Save time and ensure success with a comprehensive Implementation Roadmap that anticipates all technology, process and change management steps and dependencies
  • Establish a sound Business Case to measure and monitor your investment 
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For additional information about ISM’s Software Selection & Implementation Roadmap,

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