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How AI is Impacting CRM (Already)


How AI is Impacting CRM (Already)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is red-hot and for good reason. Coca-Cola is an example of a company that leverages AI to squeeze every drop of insight it can from the customer data it collects. Ever wonder how Cherry Sprite came about? Coca-Cola created Cherry Sprite as a new flavor after monitoring data collected from “smart” self-service soft drink fountains that allow customers to mix their own drinks. With more than 100 million Facebook fans and 35 million Twitter followers, Coca-Cola has used social media as another hugely important source for gathering customer insight.

Unilever is yet another example; its 26 data centers around the world synthesize insights from a large range of customer inputs, including social listening, CRM, and traditional market research. How did cereal-based ice creams come about under the Ben & Jerry’s brand? From Unilever using AI to find more than 50 songs that featured lyrics on “ice cream and breakfast.” If you’re responsible for marketing to and/or servicing your customers, now is the time to understand how AI will impact your company’s future CRM efforts. Here are just three areas of focus:

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