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Alaska Airlines Adds Virtual Reality Training

alaska airlines vr training

Alaska Airlines Adds Virtual Reality Training

New technology has been implemented at Alaska Airlines’ Flight Operations Training Center.

A pilot’s basic training typically goes from learning in a classroom to half simulations, then graduating to a full simulation before getting into a real plane.

Now, VR is being introduced in the first part of textbook training.

“It’s helping give them exposure to things we typically wouldn’t see early in training which makes them more successful in the latter stages of training,” said Jeff Severns who is the Managing Director of Flight Operations Training for Alaska Airlines.Prior to the VR technology, pilots would study using flat posters that they would tape to their walls. It would be an adjustment getting used to the lights and levers in a simulator.

“When you start your first simulator sessions, we don’t need to spend four hours trying to figure out where the switches are. You can step in on day one, minute one and know exactly where things are,” said First Officer for Alaska Airlines, Shawn Thumma.

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of Alaska Airlines’ VR training.


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