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What’s Apple’s Long-Term AR Vision?

Apple Vision Pro Review

What’s Apple’s Long-Term AR Vision?

Apple, true to form, is playing a long game with the Apple Vision Pro (AVP). Do not dwell on AVP’s specs or price tag, but its alignment with a signature Apple product lifecycle.

AVP fits into another key factor: wearables. Apple’s game plan these days is all about revenue diversification. As smartphones reach maturity and revenue deceleration, it has to find other ways to maintain revenue growth.

AVP fits right into wearables in that it could sync with sensory experiences in Watch and AirPods. Visuals join spatial audio and biometrics (e.g., immersive fitness). And Apple’s signature boosting ecosystem approach incentivizes consumers to buy several devices for continuity.

Moreover, Apple will cultivate a use case around sports, including courtside seats for 180-degree immersive viewing. The AVP strategy can be seen if one looks at its acquisition of NextVR, as well as its MLS streaming rights, and discussions with the NBA.For those interested in learning more, exploring Apple’s ambitious plans for the future of AR will undoubtedly yield valuable insights.

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