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Apple Vision Pro’s Enterprise Impact: Profound but Slow

apple vision pro impact

Apple Vision Pro’s Enterprise Impact: Profound but Slow

After years of rumors and anticipation, Apple has finally unveiled a headset that initially targets a specific group of enthusiasts and innovators.

This follows Apple’s typical approach to new products, which has proven successful in the past. Just like the Apple Watch, Apple released it into the market to gauge the response. Similarly, the expectation is that developers will add more value to Vision Pro by creating new apps and experiences.

Apple has firmly positioned Vision Pro as a personal device, and this is evident from its focus on three main areas: productivity, communication, and entertainment. However, there is a longer underlying strategy.

Apple has deliberately downplayed any mention of virtual reality, mixed reality, or the metaverse. Instead, it has strategically concentrated on the concept of spatial computing, emphasizing its applications in communication, video consumption, and productivity.

By doing so, Apple aims to keep the use cases focused and easily comprehensible. This means that they have positioned Vision Pro as an enhancement to the activities people typically engage in with their computer or television, but with significant improvements.

If you’re curious to delve further into Apple’s underlying strategy behind Vision Pro and its natural evolution, there’s more to uncover.

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