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The Apple Vision Pro’s Spatial Video Looks Like a Game Changer — Here’s Why

apple vision pro spatial video

The Apple Vision Pro’s Spatial Video Looks Like a Game Changer — Here’s Why

By Mark Spoonauer

When people start lining up to try and buy the Apple Vision Pro, they are going to be excited about spatial computing. They will want to experience the new interface and pinch their fingers to click, watch videos on a giant screen and see their digital Persona avatar.

By the time the Vision Pro launches, we should see the first wave of third-party apps arrive. There is one experience I think that could prove more satisfying and addictive than anything else.

Apple recently announced that spatial video capture was now available for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Spatial video enables iPhone 15 Pro series owners to record 3D videos at full HD resolution.

Yes, you can view those spatial videos on your iPhone, but they will be flat experiences. To really see them come to life, you will have to wear the Vision Pro headset.

Apple says that you can play spatial videos back in a window or expand them into a more immersive view that "that transports users back to each moment in time, like a celebration with friends or a special family gathering." During my initial Vision Pro hands-on demo I was impressed with a few spatial video clips I saw, including friends gathering around an outdoor fire and a kid's birthday party with the birthday cake and candles right in front of me. I could even make out the texture in the icing on the cake.

Want to learn more about Apple Vision Pro’s spatial video functionality?

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