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Apple May Have Already Won the Headset Platform Wars

Apple Headset Platform

Apple May Have Already Won the Headset Platform Wars

By Harry McCracken

As part of my visit to Apple headquarters for its WWDC event, I got to try its Vision Pro “spatial computing” headset. I hoped to be wowed—and given the immersive, high-end experience the company has created, I was!

The result calls on a bevy of processors, sensors, and displays to go beyond any consumer-level VR, AR, or mixed-reality product we’ve seen before.

But I also found that the Vision Pro offered something I hadn’t expected: comforting familiarity. For all the ways in which it’s wildly different from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it shares many of their apps and services, along with their overarching sensibility.

Apple’s greatest strength has turned out to be creating experiences that work well together, with the company increasingly taking on as much overarching responsibility as possible.

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