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Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Reinvents Personal Computing

Apple Vision Pro Headset User

Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Reinvents Personal Computing

By Tim Bajarin
June 5, 2023

Monday, June 5, 2023, will be remembered as a milestone in personal computing, as Apple introduced its Vision Pro headset. This headset sports a new OS called visionOS and an easy-to-use eye tracking, gestures and AI-based voice commands interface. For Apple, it represents the continuation of historical firsts in which it delivered other industry breakthroughs.

Apple defines what it delivers via the Vision Pro experience as “spatial computing.” Apple’s attention to detail in creating new products makes it a “have to see to believe it.”

I got to see a demo and use the Vision Pro for some time. I have previously tested most of the XR headsets on the market, but none come close to what Apple delivers in its new device. The Vision Pro experience was amazing and transformational.

When you turn on the Vision Pro, you see your most used apps on the screen. You activate them via eye tracking and a simple pinch motion. Once in the app, you are now in a virtual environment. You can see your environment, but the apps appear superimposed on the virtual screen. You can open an app, move it to the side, open others and place them on the bigger virtual screen’s real estate in front of you. The screen looks like a 100-inch big-screen TV.

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