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Metaverse Strategy
& Implementation

How Should Metaverse Pioneers Organize Their Efforts?

Pioneers are preparing their company’s entry into the Metaverse including creation of their Metaverse Business Plan. Are you ready for the Metaverse?

You Can’t Duck the Metaverse

50% sales growth, 75% reduction in field service costs, and 60% improvement in training retention. No surprise venture capital is pouring money into the Metaverse.

This Technology Could Replace the Keyboard and Mouse

We’re on the precipice of the next major advancement in user interface: Virtual and Augmented Reality, which will transform the way we interact with computers.

Digital Community Strategy
& Implementation

Digital Customer Communities – The New Era Of Private Online Communities

There are 3 components in a successful Digital Customer Communities: the lounge, that conference rooms, and the private meeting rooms. They all must work harmoniously.

Private Digital Customer Communities: Your Best Lead Nurturing Platform

Private Digital Customer Community have become the #1 platform for lead nurturing. Learn why they are so effective and easy to implement.

VR Leveraged in Digital Customer Communities Enhance Customer Engagement

VR and AR options are now available to enhance customer engagement within your Digital Customer Community. Are you ready for the future?

CRM Strategy
& Implementation

Ten Steps to Effective Social CRM Implementation

Here are the 10-steps you need to follow to successfully implement Social CRM, including how to integrate the critical people, process, and technology mix.

Social CRM: The Next Wave in CRM

Discover how to systematically integrate Social Media into CRM, how to harvest ‘social insight’ from Social Media communities, and how to strengthen customer engagement.

Key Technology Challenges in Social CRM Initiatives

Technology issues involved in a successful Social CRM initiative are extremely complex. Learn the technology challenges buyers and vendor of Social CRM must address.

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