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Assessing Digital Sales Strategy

Digital Business Strategy

Assessing Digital Sales Strategy

While most global oil and gas industry companies are leaders in petroleum and related engineering, few oil and gas companies lead the pack in terms of customer strategy or the use of technology to drive customer engagement.  For one of ISM’s global, oil field services customers, we were tasked with assessing their current digital sales strategy and then coming up with a multi-year digital transformation sales strategy.  The strategy included:

  • Enhancements to their website, to their eCommerce platform and to their Social Media outreach
  • Enhancements to several of their sales, marketing and customer service processes
  • A comprehensive organizational readiness program

To create the strategy, we first interviewed their top executives to learn about current and planned digital sales initiatives.  Next, we performed a review of how competitors were levering digital tools and processes in their sales efforts.  And finally, we introduced best digital sales practices in the oil field services industry.

These three inputs came together in a Strategy Briefing that we gave to their top executives.  Digital AssessmentDuring this 2-hour briefing, we covered how digital technology is changing B2B buyers, provided an in-depth example of how one global oil and gas company created a private, branded Social Media community that has become their #1 lead nurturing platform, and laid out a 7-step approach to create a Digital Sales Strategy; these steps include: Assess, Identify, Attract, Interest, Propose, Purchase, and Engage.  For each of these steps, we identified the business objective, the role of digital tools, the role of supporting technologies,  and the stage in the sales pipeline being impacted.

This Digital Sales Strategy, which aims to achieve heightened customer engagement, is being implemented at this time with impressive results. To learn more about how ISM can assess your company’s digital efforts, please send me a message at or give me a call at 301-656-8448 to discuss your needs. You can also click here to schedule a formal meeting.

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