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How Big Data Will Redefine Our Identity in the Metaverse

Digital Identity

How Big Data Will Redefine Our Identity in the Metaverse

Many questions are emerging about identity in the age of Web3. Such critical questions include how individuals and organizations can represent themselves online, and what digital identity will actually mean in the future. As people engage fully online, these people will generate large amounts of data concerning themselves. How this data is collected and used will be a significant public issue in the upcoming years. Maintaining the metaverse users’ trust will also be paramount to its success.

In a virtual world built around avatar-based communication, how anonymous will the data people produce be in Web3?

It is important to acknowledge the sheer scale of the role that avatars will play in bringing the metaverse to life. Although there will likely be a vast number of metaverses that users will be capable of accessing online, we can expect to retain our avatars in different virtual ecosystems.

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