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The Marriott Metaverse Story

Visit the Metaverse Resource Center to read more than 200 live Metaverse case studies. Based in my hometown of Bethesda, Marriott International is the largest hotel chain in the world. It currently has 31 brands, 8,194 hotels, and over one and a half million rooms in 138 countries. Marriott employs 377,000 employees and in 2022…
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Farmers Insurance Metaverse Case Study – August 2023

Farmers is the 10th largest property & casualty and insurance company in the US. While not the largest, Farmers has separated themselves from the pack by being a leader in the use of VR/AR technology. Here are two important use cases Farmers is applying VR/AR technologies to. Use Case #1: VR for Claims Adjuster Training…
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spatial computing crm

The Transformative Power of Spatial Computing on CRM

With the introduction of the Apple Vision Pro headset and ecosystem, the world has moved into Spatial Computing. Apple CEO Tim Cook called Apple Vision Pro the ‘next human machine interface’ for personal computing, a technology that seamlessly blends digital content with the physical world. Leveraging always-on 3D technology, spatial computing is already revolutionizing the way we…
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woman using Apple Vision Pro vR headseat

Special Briefing: Understanding Apple Vision Pro & Its Strategy for the Enterprise

Understanding Apple Vision Pro & Its Strategy for the Enterprise Briefing Presented by Apple analyst Tim Bajarin and Barton Goldenberg June 5, 2023,–the date Apple introduced its new Vision Pro headset–will be remembered as a milestone in personal computing. The new Vision Pro ‘spatial computing’ headset sports a new operating system called Vision OS, easy-to-use…
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Is The Death Of The Metaverse Exaggerated?

Is The Death Of The Metaverse Exaggerated? By Tim Bajarin April 4, 2023 In October of 2021, Mark Zuckerberg laid out a vision for his metaverse strategy. In his comments, he made it sound like the metaverse was just around the corner. He had already had success with Meta’s Quest headset and was ready to introduce VR…
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Walmart Metaverse Case Study – March 2023

Walmart Metaverse Case Study By Barton Goldenberg Today I would like to share the incredible story of how Walmart is leveraging the Metaverse to support and expand its digital innovation leadership. To address the VR training challenge for its staff, Walmart created a VR-based Immersive Learning program to better prepare associates for their day-to-day jobs…
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Proctor & Gamble’s LifeLab Case Study – March 2023

Proctor & Gamble’s LifeLab Case Study By Barton Goldenberg Today I have a great case study from the manufacturer of Pepto-Bismol, Tide, Tampax, Old Spice and Gillette – Proctor and Gamble (P&G). P&G entered the Metaverse for more than five years ago when it debuted LifeLab at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2020. Here’s how…
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Metaverse for Business

Evolution of the Metaverse for Business

Understanding the Evolution of the Metaverse for Business There’s been so much discussion about the metaverse recently, as companies try to understand what it means for their engagements with customers and employees, and how their brand can be extended into it. Because the metaverse is a complex technological concept, the first step in understanding the…
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Metaverse for Digital Marketing

The Metaverse is Inspiring Experiential Retail

The Metaverse is Inspiring Experiential Retail With the digital world and technology shaping the way customers shop, the same can be said for experiential retail. Digital fashion label Cult & Rain is moving this concept forward with its version of the metaverse, Cultr World. Launched on July 27, the world combines Cult & Rain’s digital…
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Phygital Event

Phygital Events Will Change the Event Industry

How Phygital Events Will Change the Event Industry Online events have become the norm, and despite the easing of Covid-19, many events still take place online. However, we can expect events to undergo another transformation in the coming years as virtual events appear. With the upcoming metaverse, virtual events are poised to become the dominant…
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