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Meta Pay

Meta Pay Announcement

Zuckerberg Details His Plan to Move Your Digital Items Across the Metaverse Mark Zuckerberg announced in June 2022 that Facebook Pay has officially become Meta Pay. His aim is mainly focused on what the company hopes to build in the future — “a wallet for the metaverse.” Zuckerberg says the company is working on something…
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Metaverse as looking through pair of VR goggles

Designing the Metaverse: Challenges and Questions

Designing the Metaverse: Challenges and Questions While the possibilities of what we can do in the metaverse are endless, the way the metaverse is designed from a UX perspective needs to be a key focus on making the metaverse a place for all to feel comfortable and accessible. The metaverse carries some unique challenges from…
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Microsoft HoloLens 2

Microsoft Shifts: Software-Led Metaverse Strategy

Microsoft Shifts to a Software-Led Metaverse Strategy Microsoft boss Satya Nadella has confirmed that the company is pivoting from hardware to a software-led metaverse strategy. This shift may not bode well for the company’s hardware projects such as the HoloLens. In a keynote at the Microsoft Inspire developer conference, Nadella stressed that while Microsoft still…
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represents the US Military using Metaverse

The U.S. Army, Not Meta, is Building the Metaverse

The U.S. Army, Not Meta, is Building the Metaverse Despite their rhetoric, big tech has presented a rather narrow view of the metaverse. There should be an envisioning of an open virtual world that supports thousands of simultaneous players and offers valuable, immersive use cases. The scope of this vision requires an open cloud architecture…
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Metaverse Shopping

Metaverse Shopping: Retailers'sNew Reality

Metaverse Shopping: Retailers’ New Reality For many consumers, the metaverse is a vaguely futuristic concept, perhaps just now catching their attention. Retailers, however, cannot afford to be that relaxed about the metaverse. It is speeding our way and by the time the holiday shopping season rolls around, this new world will actually be here. Retailers…
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Human AI

Can Metaverse Technology Enhance Human-AI Efficiency?

Can Metaverse Technology Enhance Human-AI Efficiency? A metaverse is a 3D virtual world initially approachable through a VR headset, but now available on browsers as well, which makes it practically accessible on any device. Users can navigate this world through their eye movements, voice commands and feedback controllers. With the headset, the user can feel…
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RIP Image

New AI Tools Let You Chat With Your Dead Relatives

New AI Tools Let You Chat With Your Dead Relatives New products that let people keep relatives “alive” via AI are proliferating — offering, say, an interactive conversation with a recently departed dad who took the time to record a video interview before he passed. Why it matters: As interest in genealogy and ancestry proliferates,…
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Lords of the Metaverse

What Is the Metaverse?

What Is the Metaverse? An Explanation for People Who Don’t Get It Is it just a buzzword, the next internet, a video game, or an idea? We asked experts to break it down for us. Talking about the metaverse feels a lot like talking about the internet back in the 70s and the 80s. Everyone…
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Walmart Augmented Reality

Why Walmart is Doubling Down on Augmented Reality?

Why Walmart is Doubling Down on Augmented Reality Generally, it is still much more effective to stroll through a store than it is to scroll through a website. AR is changing that, and as a result retailers and other commerce-focused platforms are rolling out new AR tools left and right Walmart stands out because Walmart…
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Metaverse Standards Forum

Standards Effort for An Open Metaverse

Khronos Group Launches Standards Effort for An Open and Interoperable Metaverse The Khronos Group, which sets standards for 3D technologies, has come together with other groups to oversee the process of creating the standards for the metaverse. The Metaverse Standards Forum is announcing that it will attempt to create standards for industries to create an…
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