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woman using Apple Vision Pro vR headseat

Special Briefing: Understanding Apple Vision Pro & Its Strategy for the Enterprise

Understanding Apple Vision Pro & Its Strategy for the Enterprise Briefing Presented by Apple analyst Tim Bajarin and Barton Goldenberg June 5, 2023,–the date Apple introduced its new Vision Pro headset–will be remembered as a milestone in personal computing. The new Vision Pro ‘spatial computing’ headset sports a new operating system called Vision OS, easy-to-use…
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10 steps to business process review by ISM

10 Steps for Effective Business Process Review

Processes are those natural business activities that produce value, serve customers and generate income.  All organizations have business processes. Related: Sales Process Excellence – Thought Leadership Paper How are you performing against “gold standard” industry benchmarks? What follows is ISM’s 10-step methodology for reviewing and enhancing business processes. These steps will help ensure process excellence…
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Apple Vision Pro Headset User

How Long Has Apple Been Working On Its Vision Pro Headset?

How Long Has Apple Been Working On Its Vision Pro Headset? August 29, 2023 If you have followed Apple for some time, you know that Apple has a very long development cycle for its products. During the years Mike Spindler and Gil Amelio were Apple CEOs, Apple often previewed for me products in development that…
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Farmers Insurance Logo

Farmers Insurance XR/Metaverse Case Study

Visit the Metaverse Resource Center to read more than 200 live Metaverse case studies. Farmers Insurance Group: Leading the Way in Applying VR/AR Technology Founded in 1928 in Los Angeles, California, the Farmers Insurance Group (informally called “Farmers”) is an American insurer of vehicles, homes, small businesses, and related products. Farmers has approximately 21,000 employees.…
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mayo clinic logo

Mayo Clinic XR/Metaverse Case Study

Visit the Metaverse Resource Center to read more than 200 live Metaverse case studies. Extended reality (XR), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) are revolutionizing healthcare, particularly in the areas of medical training and patient care. Medical training is an essential aspect of producing competent and skilled healthcare professionals. XR/VR/AR technologies have opened novel…
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spatial computing crm

The Transformative Power of Spatial Computing on CRM

With the introduction of the Apple Vision Pro headset and ecosystem, the world has moved into Spatial Computing. Apple CEO Tim Cook called Apple Vision Pro the ‘next human machine interface’ for personal computing, a technology that seamlessly blends digital content with the physical world. Leveraging always-on 3D technology, spatial computing is already revolutionizing the way we…
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apple vision pro concerts

A Third App Could Drive Early Success For The Apple Vision Pro – Concerts

When I got the demo of the Vision Pro in June at WWDC, Apple did show Jim Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water movie in immersive 3D, and Apple saw movies to be viewed on their new headset. However, people from the music industry contacted me. They suggested that concerts and music videos could also…
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apple vision pro app

Is There An App That Could Drive Apple’s Vision Pro To Early Success?

At Apple’s WWDC in early June 2023, I got to test and use their new Vision Pro headset. During the demo, I saw multiple applications, including a couple for travel, zoom calls, collaboration, entertainment and games. However, two other demos stood out for me about how someone could use this breakthrough headset for sports entertainment.…
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Apple Vision Pro Review

Defining Spatial Computing

Apple’s Vision Pro launch made AR a significant part of their vision, emphasized the concept of spatial computing, and never even mentioned the term “metaverse.” In 2017, Apple introduced AR Kit during their software developer conference, a software tool to make AR apps for use on the iPhone and iPad. I spoke to Mr. Cook…
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apple vision pro buyers

Who Will Be The First Buyers Of Apple’s Vision Pro?

As a professional market researcher, I have always pondered a significant question that arises whenever new technologies or products emerge: “Who will be the initial purchasers of these products?” This inquiry resurfaces once again with the introduction of Apple’s Vision Pro, priced at $3500. Similar to previous occasions, the answer to this question can be…
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