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Can Walmart Popularize AR Shopping?

Walmart AR Shopping

Can Walmart Popularize AR Shopping?

Can Walmart Popularize AR Shopping?

As tech giants continue to invest in AR, could greater consumer traction be stimulated by non-tech players? This thought came up as Walmart continues to raise its AR game. For example, its ‘View in Your Home’ feature lets shoppers visualize furniture and decor through AR.

AR has proven effective to help consumers get a better sense of product dimensions. It is been applied by everyone from Ray-Ban to Ikea and was further amplified in the Covid era when AR helped bring back In Real Life dimension to eCommerce.

But for Walmart, its forays into AR are more notable than most retailers. Its scaled touchpoints with everyday consumers could accelerate AR’s traction. And as that wide reach acclimates consumers to AR, the technology could evolve from shopping enhancement to expectation.

Want to learn more about Walmart’s AR shopping initiatives ranging from the UX elements to shopping item fits and styles?

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