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Celebrity Cruises Metaverse Tour

Celebrity Cruises VR

Celebrity Cruises Metaverse Tour

By Nathan Diller

On a recent tour of Celebrity Cruises newest ship, I went swimming, took in ocean views and met famous interior designer Nate Berkus, all without leaving my couch.

Celebrity Cruises launched a new metaverse virtual experience in December 2022, which allows guests to test out its newest ship, Celebrity Beyond, from the comfort of their computer before booking their sailing. The experience, dubbed the Wonderverse allows prospective guests to tour the ship’s common spaces, play games and ask questions, among other features.

When I boarded the vessel in the Wonderverse, I was able to customize my avatar to look more like me, making the tour feel more personal. As I made my way from the ship’s Magic Carpet – a cantilevered platform on its Edge Series ships – to the Resort Deck, I was struck by the sweeping views and sound of seagulls that placed me firmly in the virtual world of the ship.

While I was aware the experience wasn’t real, I may or may not have said, “Wow” out loud when I saw the view of the Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier in Alaska from the ship.

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