ISM Case Studies

CRM Case Studies show ISM’s unique consulting approach in action.

In 1985, ISM created a proprietary, multi-step change management methodology to ensure the successful implementation of our customers’ CRM initiatives.  Since then we have found this methodology to be so successful that we now apply it to all customer engagements, including Social Media, Customer Experience, eCommerce, Emerging Technologies and elsewhere.

Regardless of the specific area of focus, our methodology guides our clients through the following:

  • defining their vision and strategy,
  • determining their requirements and benefits,
  • enhancing customer-facing business processes,
  • selecting appropriate software,
  • creating the best technical architecture,
  • determining appropriate change management activities that range from creating an optimal governance structure to designing/implementing training and communications program,

Built on a paradigm that incorporates people, process, and technology, our methodology gathers both ‘top-down’ (executive and management) and ‘bottom-up’ (front-line sales, service and marketing personnel) perspectives to ensure that the critical mix of people, process and technology is properly aligned.  These two perspectives come together through the use of 3-to-6-month implementation iterations that ensure that both top-down and bottom-up perspectives are properly balanced, and that front-line benefits get implemented early on.

The end result is a phased 3-to-5-year Strategy and Implementation Roadmap. This includes detailed project requirements with respect to people, process & technology, comprehensive planning for software and implementation-partner selection, and finally, assistance as needed with all aspects of project implementation.

Read the CRM case studies below to see how our process applies to successfully solving the unique business challenges of ISM clients across industries.

ISM Case Studies

CRM Success is Following the "Roadmap"
Pyrotek uses CRM to advance their business
CRM to Sustain Competitive Advantage
Roche Diagnostics uses CRM to advance their business
A CRM Roadmap Strategy
Sigma Financial implements CRM to increase revenue, productivity and decrease administrative costs
Better CRM to Accelerate Growth
QIAGEN obtains global support for their CRM initiative