ISM Case Study - Manufacturer Selling Via Distributors

Distributors belonging to this private social media community purchased >50% more of the client’s product year-over-year


Best-in-Class Manufacturer Selling Via Distributors



Private Social Media Community

Business Challenge:

  1. Develop direct communication with distributors and their customers.
  2. Addressed request from customers/distributors increasingly working in a digital mode.
  3. Expand client’s technology leadership through digital engagement.
  4. Collaborate digitally with customers to secure additional sales.
  5. Provide distributors with insights needed to close sales.
  6. Better prepare client/distributor sales reps for customer visits.
  7. Achieve tighter collaboration between sales reps, customers and distributors.

How ISM Helped:

ISM created & implemented an innovative sales & marketing private social media community.

  • Expanded the client’s positioning as industry and application experts.
  • Enabled customers to digitally engage with peers and obtain information.
  • Developed/implemented a private “branded” social media community for the client.
  • Expanded the private community into a truly global forum – continuous, real-time interpretation of Russian, Chinese, German, Spanish and English languages.
  • Improved lead generation and lead nurturing on the private community.
  • Tightly integrated the private community with another of the client’s B2B website.

The Results:

Distributors belonging to private social media community purchased >50% more of the client’s product year-over-year; customers belonging to the “online club” purchased >30% more client’s product year-over-year.

Distributors and customers can ask a specific technical question and obtain a quick response online from technical client staff as well as fellow distributors and customers. Benefits to the distributors: 1) Build loyalty to the client, 2) resolves issues quickly and 3) sets distributors up as ‘subject matter experts’ to build leads in the future.

Benefits to sales reps and field service personnel:

  • Enhance knowledge/education through peer exchange and keeping up to date on product news.
  • Gives a window into customer thinking and provides topics to discuss with customers.
  • Provides opportunity to answer questions/contribute expertise to distributors, customers and equipment builders.
  • Helps win prospective customers and close business.
  • Helps better prepare reps for customer visits.

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