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ISM Partners & Resources

ISM’s CRM vendors and partners are on the cutting edge of the industry. We work with innovative companies such as Salesforce, Oracle, Pega, and many others. We are proud to work with some of the strongest and most innovative companies in our industry. But our consulting services are 100% vendor independent. Only after fully assessing your organization’s current customer-facing programs and activities, your existing technology base and your readiness to embrace and implement change do we recommend any specific vendor’s solution. Our advice will always be based on what’s best for each individual client, not what fits a particular vendor’s application.

ISM’s services go beyond helping you choose the right software vendor. When the time comes for implementation, we can help select an appropriate third-party implementation partner, or we can provide extensive implementation assistance ourselves. Our implementation services can include:

  • Acting as Strategic Advisors
  • Program/Project Management
  • Process Development and Enhancement
  • Technology Services
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • Training
  • Communications

Our team has decades of experience providing critical leadership and support for complex technology implementations. We’re available to support your in-house staff as needed, and we can also provide short-term tactical assistance to augment key roles during transitions or hiring.

You can access the website of each company listed by clicking on the company’s icon. ISM partners and vendors include: