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Consolidation in the CRM Marketplace

Consolidation in the CRM Marketplace

Responding to customer pressure to provide comprehensive applications, CRM vendor consolidation by major players is likely to increase.

The Oracle acquisitions of PeopleSoft and Siebel in 2005, along with the emergence of SaaS have encouraged further consolidation among CRM software companies as multimillion-dollar CRM enterprises saw other acquisitions as necessary to survive in an increasingly competitive CRM market.  CRM functionality is offered more often as part of a larger suite of products.  One example is the Salesnet software functionality having been rolled into the RightNow CRM application.  The significance of these key CRM acquisitions is still yet to be determined. Some of these organizations have already effectively integrated their offerings, such as CDC (which acquired Saratoga Systems) appears to have effectively integrated the Saratoga Systems CRM software application with its other applications, while others, such as RightNow’s acquisition of HiveLive have not.

Here is another example of consolidation in the CRM marketplace. Oracle recently acquired ATG.  For an article discussing this acquisition, please click on this Weblink:

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