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CRM Process Component

CRM Process Component

Here is my discussion on the role of the CRM Process Component, a crucial element for the key to CRM success

The process component of CRM is considered the most delicate because any inappropriate automation of CRM business processes will eventually lead to numerous errors in the CRM implementation and lead to the creation of inappropriate processes in the organization . While most companies have customer-facing business processes in place (i.e., processes that directly interface with the customer during the purchase, payment, and usage of the company’s products and services), these business processes often need to be updated or replaced.

For effective process change, a company must first examine how existing customer-facing business processes work. Then, the company needs to redesign or replace deficient processes with new ones, created and/or agreed upon internally. In other words, while it’s not wrong from an educational perspective to look at built-in processes within a CRM software package, new processes are easier to implement when the process are internally driven. Companies implementing a CRM initiative often correct their own customer-facing process deficiencies by purchasing CRM software that contains one or more business processes prebuilt by the CRM vendor and forcing the process on system users instead. 

When reviewing your customer-facing business processes, use a structured approach. For example, does each customer-facing business process have clear ownership, goals, and measures? Does each process have proper departmental interfaces that ensure needed customer information flows across multiple departments? Does each process have documented procedures? Does each process have integrity (i.e., the process gets implemented the same regardless of who implements it and where)?

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