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Digital Customer Communities Sales Benefits

Digital Customer Communities are transforming the sales environment by having the capability to drive more sales for your business by connecting employees together from different branches, within your distributors, suppliers, or resellers.   Customer communities have the capability to provide world-class services by connecting customers together and giving replies to each of their queries.  Further, they can manage the social listening, content, workflows altogether at one place only.

6 Top Sales Use Cases for Using Digital Customer Communities

#1: Shorten the Sales Cycle/Enhance Lead Nurturing

You invite leads to become members of your Digital Customer Community.  They talk with loyal and even enthusiastic customers that genuinely recommend your products/services. This provides the lead with ‘impartial’ insights, which help move the lead down the sales pipeline.  You can also ‘digitally trigger’ leads encouraging them to follow your best customers’ journeys within your Digital Customer Community to include asking questions, reading noteworthy blogs, participating in key discussions groups/forums/conference rooms, responding to quizzes and surveys to earn rewards, and more.

#2: Deepen Customer Engagement

Customers really enjoy being listened to.  They enjoy sharing their thoughts and expertise with other customers and prospects about your products/services.  You in turn respond to these customer observations with your own insights.  This ‘two-way’ customer dialog drives customer engagement, satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.  You take customer engagement to a new level as you offer Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences from within your Digital Customer Community.  Imagine the impact of taking your wine connoisseur customer on a visit to your vineyards using VR technology!  Or offering technical support services and technical training via AR experiences.

#3: Organize Key Customer Meetings and Facilitate Customer Activities

Many companies use private customer rooms located in your Digital Customer Community to invite their customers to meet confidentially to create and/or review annual sales, marketing, and support plans.  Many companies also invite subject matter experts – either from within or outside your company – into private customer rooms to discuss and resolve key customer issues.

#4: Provide Support to your Distributors/Brokers

Digital Customer Communities are a wonderful way to maintain a two-way dialog with your distributors/brokers.  Together, you share and manage business leads efficiently.  They get quick answers to their questions, 24/7.  They have access to your subject matter experts and to desired business/technical documentation.  You facilitate the sharing of distributor/broker best practices.  Where appropriate, distributors/brokers share ideas and business challenges with one another.  As needed, you invite one or more distributors/brokers into private, one-on-one digital meeting rooms to further discuss issues.

#5: Facilitate Internal Discussions & Remote Office Support

Provide invitation-only forums, typically meant for company personnel, to discuss an ongoing customer issue (e.g., a pricing issue, a competitive situation, etc.).  As appropriate, you can invite the customer to these forums for clarification or discussion. Build loyalty and satisfaction by offering remote office support to field and virtual personnel who come to see your company as an integrated whole, rather than as corporate or departmental siloes.  Overtime, you build an internal Knowledge Base that can be easily searched and shared.

 #6: Launch Customer Polls and Surveys in Real-Time

Secure real-time customer feedback via surveys and polls that are offered from within your hotel.  This could be regarding a new product launch, a new marketing program, a revised incentive program, etc.  The goal is to have the Voice of the Customer continuously providing their opinion to you.  By tying gamification to polls and surveys, meaning you give rewards for taking a poll or survey – you also deepen customer engagement.

Top Reason why a Digital Customer Community is critical to your 2021 Customer Strategy:

Increase Sales

  • Meet with customers one-on-one to create and monitor sales, marketing, customer service and financial plans.
  • Nurture leads effectively and shorten the sales cycle.
  • Provide a 24/7 ‘internal’ meeting place to confidentially discuss customer challenges.

 To learn more about the Digital Customer Communities, visit where you can view ISM’s recent webinar titled: “What is a Digital Hotel, and Why is it Critical to your 2021 Customer Strategy,” and access Digital Hotel articles written by ISM president, Barton Goldenberg.  Alternatively contact Barton Goldenberg directly at, office phone (301) 656-8448.

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