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Customer Experience Management: A Two-Way Street

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management: A Two-Way Street

Customer Experience Management: A Two-Way Street

By Barton Goldenberg, ISM Founder/President

Today’s ‘customers’ are sophisticated…  and wary. Lose them, and most likely they are your competitors’ gain.

Customer Experience Management is a much discussed topic.  Many customers “complain” about the marketing, selling and servicing process of many organizations with whom they interact.

Customer experience management (CEM) focuses on understanding the experience at each step of a customer’s journey. There are two parts to this journey.

The first is the experience the customer or prospect encounters when dealing with your organization.  Such experience can be visiting your Web site to learn about your products/services.  Other experiences can be ordering, receiving, using, and/or resolving issues associated with your products/services.

The second is the activities your organization needs to accomplish to sell to and service its customers profitably. Such activities can be preparing what will be shown on the Web site.  Other activities can be providing an easy-to-use ordering capability, ensuring outstanding delivery and efficiently resolving issues associated with the use of your products/services.

A customer moment of truth occurs when the customer-initiated journey step and the organization-initiated journey step are in harmony. The more moments of truth, the better the customer experience.

I encourage you to join Robert Fiss, Director of Business Consulting, Infor, and myself as we discuss how your organization can effectively manage your customers’ experience – a win-win goal – in the Tuesday, November 10 webinar: Creating Customer Experience Management Excellence: Secrets from the Pros (November 10, 2015)

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