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The Death Of The Vision Pro Is Highly Exaggerated

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The Death Of The Vision Pro Is Highly Exaggerated

By Tim Bajarin

I watched with mild amusement as Vision Pro naysayers began talking about Vision Pro’s slow sales, how many who have used it at first are barely using it now, and that it is destined to be a failure.

I say, mildly amused since this refrain pops up every time Apple breaks new ground. Apple was criticized for the original iPads and Apple Watch, yet both have been smashing successes.

It is too early to call Vision Pro a failure at this point in its short history. Given Apple’s track record of success in blazing new trails, Apple deserves the chance to continue to innovate in both hardware and software ecosystems before anyone can call it a failure.

We are just in the very early stages of seeing new apps for Vision Pro, and I suspect we will see new and impactful ones shown at Apple’s WWDC in June 2024.

In a recent Apple earnings call, Tim Cook emphasized one area that he is seeing serious interest in and adoption, which is the enterprise market.

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