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Digital Assessment Sharing Best Practices

digital assessment

Digital Assessment Sharing Best Practices

One of our long-time customers came to us recently requesting a Digital Assessment and guidance in the formulation of their digital strategy.  They had recently expanded their number of distributors and felt it was time to assess both their distributors’ marketing effectiveness and how distributors could increasingly leverage digital strategies to enhance their marketing efforts to increase sales.

We were asked to answer these questions: “Why were some distributors highly successful while others were struggling?” “How could marketing practices be automated to improve customer engagement and distributor sales?”  And “What can distributors do to enhance member retention?” Digital Assessment

The output of the Digital Assessment was an enhanced Distributor Marketing Manual that incorporated digital best practices in the area of customer engagement.

What We Did

ISM interviewed our client’s top six performing distributors as well as a few poorly performing distributors to garner their current marketing efforts.  ISM studied the distributor interviews as well as the existing Marketing Manual.  We then added our observations, experience, and best practices to create and update the Marketing Manual and to provide a high-level marketing calendar to help drive distributor sales.  Our deliverable included best practices for generating leads, for closing leads and for retaining customers.


ISM’s Digital Assessment provided advice on how to leverage digital activities to keep the distributor sales funnel full.  We offered a guide to implement successful sales processes and achieve higher sales close ratios.  We also provided advice to help distributors develop monthly events aimed at securing long-term customer commitment.

ISM’s Digital Assessment is a great way to adapt to changing customer behaviors.  Based on our 34 years of creating world-class customer strategies, our Digital Assessment leverages both gold standards and industry benchmarks to deliver concrete, actionable steps to increase sales through enhanced customer engagement.  If your goal is to better engage customers through digital sales, marketing or customer service techniques, contact ISM at or give me a call at 301-656-8448 to discuss your needs. You can also click here to schedule a formal meeting.



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