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Are Your Teens Blowing Real Cash on Imaginary Gucci Handbags?

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Are Your Teens Blowing Real Cash on Imaginary Gucci Handbags?

Are Your Teens Blowing Real Cash on Imaginary Gucci Handbags That Exist Only in the Online World of the Metaverse?

My clothes and the Gucci bag are digital, only ever to be ‘worn’ by my personal avatar online, even though I paid for them with real money on my credit card. The rented Bentley is the product of a web designer’s computer pixels.

Welcome to the brave new dystopian world of the metaverse, which is already drawing in hundreds of millions of young fans across the globe.

Some even claim this is the future of human interaction: three-dimensional virtual reality worlds online that open up business and socialising opportunities, unique celebrity experiences and even virtual clothes shopping to everyone, at the touch of a button.

Billions are now being invested in the creation of these worlds by tech giants such as Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook – now renamed ‘Meta’ – because of the enormous profits to be made.

It might sound bizarre, even incomprehensible, but here in the metaverse anyone can buy cars, houses, land and entire wardrobes of designer clothes, shoes and accessories that don’t exist beyond the screen.

Want to learn which brand apparel companies are making major investments in the digital clothing marketplace?

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