Digital Customer Communities

Digital Customer Communities

Best-in-class companies are leveraging digital customer communities to foster engagement with their customers, distributors, and employees with tools to collaborate, find answers, share ideas, connect with peers in a customizable online community. Think of these communities as a virtual gathering place or a ‘Digital Hotel’.

A Digital Hotel is the place where your customers digitally meet 24/7, share ideas and get solutions, while you build customer engagement, satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

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Powerful Connections

How Digital Customer Communities Create Powerful and Permanent Digital Customer Connections


Benefits of a Digital Customer Community

Forward-thinking companies are leveraging private communities to foster engagement with their customers. 

Contacting ISM to build your Digital Customer Community is the best way to deliver an outstanding customer experience during Post Covid-19.  Digital Customer Communities:

  • Deepen customer engagement and drive VOC (Voice of Customer) into every customer decision you make.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty – Net Promoter Scores (NPS) of 75 are achievable.
  • Provide superior customer support from both internal support personnel and from community members.
  • Help nurture leads that shorten their sales cycle.
  • Grow sales: in one of our private communities, customers are buying 40% more product, distributors are selling 70% more product, and the community reached a financial break-even in less than 2 years.
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What is a Digital Customer Community and why it is imperative to your 2021 customer strategy?

Key Webinar Takeaways

Attend this webinar from thought-leader Barton Goldenberg ( to:

  • Discover how best-in-class companies worldwide are benefiting from Digital Customer Community
  • Hear real-time case studies of successful Customer Community and why customers love them
  • Learn how to build your successful, Digital Customer Community

Digital Customer Communities Success Story

Success Story: Customer Community



“Engagement with ISM will avoid project drift and improve our level of success with implementation and adoption. Not engaging with ISM will increase the time to completion by 6 months to one year and we will spend more internal resources to complete internally.  ISM & Barton Goldenberg's specialty is helping companies develop and implement successfully Key Account Management Process.  In summary, ISM will save us time, reduce our cost, and gain us competitive speed to market.”

– A Large International Food Manufacturer

Digital Customer Communities

Private Digital Customer Communities transform the conversation within an organization or with its customers from a one-way to a two-way conversation. Sample communities include:

  • Customer support communities
  • Distributor support communities
  • ‘Voice-of-the-customer’ communities
  • Knowledge Management Communities

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ISM would like to help you explore the enhanced customer satisfaction, cost savings support, and new sales opportunities that a digital hotel will deliver to your organization.   To schedule a chat, choose a good time here:   The link will take you to our calendar where we can arrange a time to speak.  Other options: contact us page or call 301-656-8448.


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