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Achieving World-Class Status NPS: Digital Initiative Success

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Achieving World-Class Status NPS: Digital Initiative Success

Less than 1/3 of these executives believe that their digital strategy is correct. Many organizations are overwhelmed with how to successfully implement their digital initiatives. The result is high failure rate.

What if your staff had a clear digital initiative road map on how to break down the initiative into bite-size pieces and applies a proven, successful methodology that tightly aligns the digital initiative with business goals to achieve successful digital transformation?

In this blog post, I highlight a current client case where ISM is helping a global B2B manufacturer (Company X) digital initiativeimplement a digital strategy to increase customer loyalty and advocacy in order to drive sales of Company X’s products and increase Company X’s brand strength and recognition. The strategy includes the development of a private B2B Social Community that leverages Company X’s technology leadership and expertise to build relationships and more effectively engage with customers, industry influencers, and strategic partners. We built this community and ever since have monitored and enhanced the community.

The community currently has thousands of members in dozens of countries. In the latest survey, more than 50% of customers and distributors belonging to the community have purchased more Company X products year-over-year such that the community pays for itself. One of the biggest value-adds of the community is lead-nurturing, where digital triggers get sent to leads so they are encouraged to follow ‘best customer’ behavior in the community. Another key benefit of this community is increased customer advocacy: Net Promotor Score (NPS) – a good indicator of member satisfaction, has achieved world-class status.

This community was born out of a Digital Assessment based on our BUTD methodology. After securing strong executive sponsorship, the community was launched as a pilot program in one country. Since its inception, community and business metrics that are measured regularly have driven enhancements to the community. In addition to metrics, regular communications with community members have become the #1 source for community improvements.

Don’t let your digital initiative overwhelm you and your team. To learn how your business can achieve higher rates of customer engagement and advocacy, please send me a message at or give me a call at 301-656-8448 to discuss your needs. You can also click here to schedule a formal meeting.

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