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Do You Capture the Voice of Your Customer?

ISM Review of CRM People/Process/Technology issues

Do You Capture the Voice of Your Customer?

Learn How at Feb. 11 ISM/Infor Webinar: Customer Experience Management

By: Barton Goldenberg, Founder & President, ISM

How easy is it to conduct business with your company? How good is the experience when people visit your website, call your contact center, request information, or have a face-to-face with your sales reps? How well do you capture the ‘Voice of the Customer’ within your company? Learn how at the “Customer Experience Management” Tuesday Feb. 11 webinar sponsored by ISM and Infor, a leading provider of business application software.

To provide an excellent customer experience, your company needs to invest time, money and effort. Do your customers value the activities that you perform? Are you spending your money wisely? Do customers have a positive experience with your company regardless of the channel with which they interact? Do you capture, measure, and monitor customer satisfaction?

Customer experience is all about how the customer feels about doing business with your organization. This requires that you place each customer within an appropriate customer segment based on transactional, demographic and behavioral information, and then offer them a unique Customer Journey that meets their specific needs and wants. This ultimately means offering each customer the right product(s) and service(s) at the right time via the desire channel(s). While not an easy task, properly done this helps you achieve a high level of customer loyalty, advocacy and satisfaction.

The tricky part of getting customer experience management right is ensuring that inbound and outbound customer processes (e.g., customer incident management and escalation, eCommerce, customer portals, digital marketing, etc.) get built into or seamless linked with your CRM automation tools that typically include sales, marketing and customer service applications.

It also means taking the time to ensure that a change management program is in place within your organization so that all customer-facing personnel not only adopt customer experience processes and tools but drive customer experience excellence.

While no easy task, today’s savvy customers are willing to accept nothing short of this. Are you ready? For more information and to register for this important Customer Experience Management webinar, click HERE

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