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The Development In Ethics Across VR And AR In The Media

VR-AR Ethics

The Development In Ethics Across VR And AR In The Media

At present, many analysts are construing that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will be staples across the entertainment space as new ways to tell stories unfold. Through this, numerous ethics questions come into play as data and security have been trigger points throughout the media industry over the last couple of decades.

Nonny De La Peña spoke recently on the future of tech and its ethics across media and entertainment. Known as the “Godmother of Virtual Reality” she emphasized that she had high hopes for the future of this space and the early adoption of ethics.

How data is tracked coupled with the footprint users leave across digital spaces in a decentralized landscape will be important as more people inherit different shades of reality into their lives. AI will also be very important across all infrastructure as it becomes more digitally skewed. Ethical AI practices will be important to counter lapses and to prevent gross human error.

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