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Forget the Metaverse. Fictional Reality is Where We’re Headed

Fictional Reality

Forget the Metaverse. Fictional Reality is Where We’re Headed

AI is letting us live out alternative realities on the digital platforms where we already spend our time online.

Much has been said of, written about, and invested in the “metaverse.” In the future, the internet, mixed with recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), will enable us to live in an alternate version of reality.

AI is making it possible for us to live out alternative versions of reality on the platforms where we are already spending our time. This is fictional reality, and it is where much of our online behavior is headed.

When our real identities, relationships, and experiences start becoming fictionalized online, reality becomes Fictional Reality.

Fictional Reality is the concept of people living, playing, or working online through fictionalized versions of their identity, relationships, and experiences. Fictional Reality is becoming more positive, commonplace, and accepted.

With Fictional Reality, people are crafting new versions of themselves online for positive reasons, such as to express creativity, gain confidence, or to share a part of their identity or interests that they are not able to showcase to the offline world. Fictional Reality can even enable people to seek companionship not found offline or to express an opinion shunned by one’s IRL community.

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