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Five Principles Needed to Humanize Metaverse Experiences

Metaverse Humanize Experiences

Five Principles Needed to Humanize Metaverse Experiences

Historically, people are great at building venues — spaces that enhance the quality of our communal experiences — in the physical world. And it is just as possible to build them in a virtual one.

With virtual reality steadily entering the mainstream — just this month, news broke on two new headsets from Meta and Sony, it is vital that designers create virtual spaces that acknowledge our humanity. As someone who designs virtual venues used by thousands, Michael Ogden, the Chief Creative Officer of the VR company Mesmerise, discusses the learnings his team has gathered so that other designers can create the appropriate virtual communal experiences that will be remembered after the headsets come off.

Here are the five Principles Needed to Humanize Metaverse Experiences:

  • Take inspiration from the real world, but note the differences
  • Be specific with your material choices
  • Design virtual spaces with audio in mind
  • Empathize with your audience
  • Think of your virtual event as a story

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