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4 Ways Mobile AR is Making Waves Today

Mobile AR

4 Ways Mobile AR is Making Waves Today

Mobile AR — displayed through your smartphone screen – is not AR’s endgame nor its fully-mature self. But it scales today on the backs of more than 3 billion global smartphones. In that way it’s a stepping stone to AR glasses, warming the world up to that eventual reality.

Mobile AR first entered the public conscience in the summer of 2016 with the debut of Pokémon Go. Users marveled at wild Digletts popping up from their living room floors and wandered the neighborhoods at night, sparking global discussions about location-based technology and AR in general. Now, AR has more use cases.

Currently, AR is more widespread than ever. Augmented reality is radically changing almost every industry and it should not be long before it is a part of everyday life. In fact, it already is for many people — they just do not realize it.

Want to learn a few examples of how AR is shaping the world in Social Media, Education, Manufacturing and Shopping?

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