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Gamification: Bringing Fun and Productivity to CRM

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Gamification: Bringing Fun and Productivity to CRM

Gamification: Bringing “Fun” and Productivity to CRM

ISM & Bunchball Host May 13 Webinar

By: Barton Goldenberg, Founder & President, ISM

Work is better when it is like a game. Gamification allows an organization to add a game component to sales, marketing and service software applications such that performing that task becomes more fun. For example, adding gamification to a Contact Center application can help the contact center agent stay motivated in what is often a challenging position. In sales, leader boards are a fun way to help encourage sales  persons to accomplish more. In marketing, gamification can drive customer loyalty as the customer plays a game and earns both recognition and rewards.

With 80 million Generation Y (Millennials) in the US that grew up only knowing digital technology, their expectation is that it will be fun working for your company or being your customer. The same holds true for the 1.8 billion Millennials globally that is forecasted to grow to 3 billion by 2015. Gamification fills this challenge but you need to know how to apply it correctly.

In ISM’s May 13th webinar on Gamification, I will be digging into gamification including how companies have applied it both internally with their employees as well as externally with their customers.  I’ve invited a leading gamification vendor – Bunchball – to co-present, and Stephen Rainaldi, Director Corporate Sales, Bunchball will be providing several examples of gamification in action. We will also go into a “challenger” session, inclusive of participant questions, where we will ask questions like: Is gamification the application of a social technology to time-tested, motivational methods or is gamification something more complex? What will it take for gamification to gain traction in executive suites? I hope you can join the dialog on May 13th.

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