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Global Esports Federation Launches Metaverse Council


Global Esports Federation Launches Metaverse Council

The Global Esports Federation (GEF), whose goal is to become officially recognized as the governing body for the esports ecosystem, has formed a Metaverse council to “focus on shaping tangible Metaverse development initiatives for our global community.”

The council is to be made up of blockchain experts, NFT developers, and social media influencers. Paul Foster, CEO of the GEF, commented,

“We’ve established the GEF Metaverse Council to cultivate ideas, voice, and shape to our Metaverse reality; and to access the limitless opportunities for our entire #worldconnected community”

What is encouraging about the creation of the Metaverse Council is that it is opening up the conversation between traditional gamers and Web3 specialists. Currently, there is a massive divide between the two. There can be countless opportunities for Web3 to add value to the future Metaverse and gaming.

Want to learn more about the potential focus of this Metaverse Council?

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