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Healthcare Turns to the Gaming Industry to Build its Metaverse

Healthcare Metaverse

Healthcare Turns to the Gaming Industry to Build its Metaverse

As more companies and industries dip their toes in the metaverse, a major healthcare company, Penumbra is currently utilizing gaming platforms to develop physical and mental therapies.

The pace at which the healthcare industry is building its metaverse is overwhelming. New scientific studies, clinical trials and medical VR and AR devices continue to emerge at a fast pace. The applications range from advanced surgeries and procedures to mental health treatment, pain management, training, simulations, remote care and rehabilitation. Furthermore, the metaverse healthcare sector is projected to grow by 48.3% CAGR and be worth $5.37 billion in 2030.

Chronic neck and back pain, cognitive impairment, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, spinal cord injuries, stroke rehabilitation, therapeutic and wellness, are some of the treatments metaverse experience can provide. The company’s healthcare metaverse games are specifically designed to strengthen the upper and core body, cognitive and motor skills, physical and cognitive rehabilitation and more.

Want to learn more about the metaverse technology that is building healthcare VR experiences and bringing about benefits for patients?

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