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Highlights of My CRM User Adoption Webinar

Highlights of My CRM User Adoption Webinar

On Tuesday, Nov 16, I held an hourly Webinar on the topic: CRM User Adoption: Securing this Critical Success Factor Once and For All!  It was a very successful Webinar as we had several hundred attendees and lots of questions posted by the Webinar attendees.  Due to high demand, here are the highlights of the CRM User Adoption Webinar.

The key question to ask is: How do you secure CRM adoption & productivity gains?

I discussed three major topics concerning CRM User Adoption:

Key CRM Risks are:

  • Executive team not on board
  • Little/no commitment to process enhancement
  • Unwillingness to commit to change
  • Non-prioritized business functions
  • PPT out of whack, e.g., technology-driven
  • Lack of user adoption (little/no WIIFM)

Best Practices To Secure High User Adoption & Productivity include:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Training
  • Change management
  • Communications
  • Champion program
  • Rewards & incentives
  • User experience

Also include two key elements of CRM in your best practices: Mobile and Social CRM

User Adoption Metrics include Metrics For:

  • User Activity
  • Operational
  • Executive


User adoption is based on achieving meaningful WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?)

The same features that encourage user adoption also enable users to enter, find, apply, and understand CRM data more efficiently, thus increasing productivity.

The entire Webinar recording is available under the ISM Webinar Archives heading within this Weblink:

Please also register for any ISM Webinars that may be of your interest on the same Webpage.

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