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Highlights of My Keynote For Pivotal's Social CRM Webcast

Highlights of My Keynote For Pivotal's Social CRM Webcast

Here are my highlights for my keynote presentation for Pivotal’s Social CRM webcast yesterday concerning “Get Social: The new Social CRM Module for Pivotal CRM”.

This is the Definition of  ‘Social Media’:

  • A set of highly interactive technology tools that leverage the fundamental human desire to interact with others
  • A new way for organizations to communicate with and relate to employees, consumers, partners and other stakeholders
  • On-line communities that allow people to get information, opinions, solutions and ratings directly from each other rather than from organizations

Social Media can include: Blogs, Wikis, Video, RSS, Widgets, Podcasts, Social networks and Other mediums (ratings, polls, forums, idea sharing).

Social Media applications can include: Listening (blogosphere trawling), Marketing (creating 2-way conversations), Selling (energizing customer advocates), Supporting (customers helping customers), Developing (ideation).

Certain Worldwide Social Media Statistics include:

  • 1.7 billion people online = 25% of world population (Groundswell)
  • 66% of business decision-makers start their purchase research at a search engine vs. 69% who use social media (Motorola)
  • Community members spend 54% more time than non-members (e-bay)
  • Remain customers 50% longer than non-community users (Forum One)
  • 56% of on-line community members 1+ time/day (Digital Future Center)
  • Members visit 9 times as often & view 4 times more pages (McKinsey)

Here are two quotes that are extremely relevant to Social Media:

“This collaboration that kids got through social networking is the future of business”  – John Chambers

In 2009, more people communicated via social networks than via email         – Source: 2009 Nielsen Study

There have been meaningful successes in Social Media:

  • HP saving $10M integrating social media into call centers/customer service
  • P&G getting close to 50% of its innovation via various forms of social media
  • IBM using social media to create shared-use cases

The Key Success Factors to Social CRM are:

  • Social Media must support your business goals
  • Define success from the outset using clear metrics
  • Link to existing CRM programs and outreach

Again, If anyone wants the Powerpoint slides for the Pivotal CRM Webcast or wishes to discuss with me any Social Media topics, please email me: or call 301-656-8448

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