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How Apple’s Vision Pro Could Change the Workplace

apple vision pro screen

How Apple’s Vision Pro Could Change the Workplace

Labor expert Peter Rokkos says the release of Vision Pro will push virtual and augmented reality headsets into the mainstream for business uses.

Mixed-reality headsets have already been used for a variety of purposes at companies from Volkswagen, Audi, UPS, Walmart, KFC, and Johnson & Johnson, among others. They are mainly used for workforce training and product development, and they have proven cheaper and more convenient with employees learning more in less time. Rokkos argues that Apple’s Vision Pro will popularize the product for businesses.

“Apple’s not always the first company to come out with a product in this space. But they do make it so simple and innovative, able for my grandma to be able to use them, that all of a sudden, they become popularly accepted,” says Rokkos.

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