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Opinion: How Apple’s Vision Pro Could Change the World

Apple Vision Pro3

Opinion: How Apple’s Vision Pro Could Change the World

By Rizwan Virk

It’s not surprising that Apple’s debut of its $3,499 Vision Pro headset integrating virtual and augmented reality was greeted with mixed reactions, including skepticism, criticism and even lampooning.

But in this case the negativity is premature. Apple’s new device could very well break this boom-and-bust cycle to become a new type of computing platform, one as revolutionary as the Macintosh was in 1984 or the iPhone in 2007.

Apple’s headset (which it calls a spatial computer) has the potential to herald a new era of wearable “ubiquitous computing,” a somewhat fuzzy term conveying that computers will become small and be everywhere, ridding us of the need for dedicated computing devices and accessories like keyboards and monitors.

In fact, a wearable computing platform that is always with you and can create displays of any size in real time could eventually replace desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones; those are all unnecessary if you can have any number of high-resolution screens floating in the air around you and a virtual keyboard that responds to your hand and eye movements, the main control mechanism of Apple’s Vision Pro.

Want to learn more about why Rizwan Virk thinks over time Apple’s Vision Pro will actually make scenarios of ubiquitous computing a reality?

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